My approach centers around the idea that we are all complex beings with complex inner systems. When our inner systems are out of balance, we feel overwhelmed, exhausted, confused and out of control. Drawing on the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model, I help clients access their inner resource of compassion and become their own healer. When you build a loving relationship with yourself you will notice feeling less reactive, more calm and experience more compassion for whatever challenges you face day to day; both inside of yourself and in your relationships.

As an expressive therapist, I sometimes include movement, art or creative writing in the process of getting to know yourself. However, it is up to each individual client and there are plenty of non-artistic ways to do this work. Personally and professionally I have witnessed the profound shifts that happen when we are Self-led.

I consider it an honor and a privilege to share this work with clients. So if you don’t feel you could approach yourself in a compassionate way, I am confident holding that energy until we can access some of yours.

Marta Drachenberg - Approach